‘Gardening can do what medicine only ‘tries to mimic’ for mental health’.

Monty Don


See what we do and hear our beneficiaries explain how the garden is helping them.

Led by an experienced Horticultural Therapist and a team of volunteers, we work with members of the community who have experience of mental health challenges, or who are recovering from or at risk of mental health difficulties, social isolation and socio-economic exclusion. We help people to manage their condition, gain new transferable skills, improve social inclusion and to gain confidence.

We work in a number of ways. Members of the group may start with one-to-one teaching, and if comfortable, may then graduate to small groups, usually containing a maximum of 4 people. Our Horticultural Therapist teaches horticulture skills at a pace that suits the individual. Depending on the season, range of skills are shared which may include:

Bed preparation, sowing seeds and learning about crop rotation; maintaining and managing crops; harvesting crops (some goes to the food bank to support local communities), pruning and cuttings.

Throughout the day, which typically lasts from 10am to 3pm, we have regular breaks with hot drinks and snacks, and share a lunch. By arrangement, people can come for a morning, an afternoon, a full day – and for as many days of the week that suit them, depending on our opening times and the season.